Non Surgical Body Shaping and Skin Tightening Treatments

loose skinA Short history of a few popular technologies.

The world of nonsurgical body shaping and loose skin solutions has proliferated into hundreds of offerings from dozens of manufacturers each screaming louder than the other.  You have to realize the prize is big.  Zeltiq alone is approaching 2 billion a year and spending $45 million a year advertising. However they admit they can only help with about 20% of your fat and yes a lot of people do come out lumpy. But before I get into details let’s start from the beginning..

In the beginning there was Thermage. It uses radio frequency and is calibrated to treat the collagen layer which holds back the fat and is vital to smooth out.  Its a one time treatment.  It gained FDA approval in 2002. You can research any of this  yourself online. ( including FDA approvals and FDA adverse events)  The first machine they made was small and clunky and sat on the shelf. In 2007 they came out with the NXT  which basically stood for next. That’s the tall machine that everyone has at this point.  In 2009 Thermage came out with the CPT tip.  That’s basically a vibrating handpiece for the face which provides a more comfortable effective treatment. And shortly thereafter they came out with the 16.0 for the body which covers about four times as much area and gets the job done a lot faster.

Exilis came into play around 2010.  Exilis requires four treatments for the face and six treatments for the body.  It’s also radiofrequency like Thermage.

One of the earlier offerings was Zerona.  Zerona is a cold laser. Call lasers are fascinating I find them particularly interesting and useful for physical therapy. And even for acupuncture.  Cold lasers got their first FDA approval around 2002.  It was approved for carpal tunnel syndrome.  The study was using 5000 GM workers.  We have all probably seen lasers and movies.  I remember the first one I think I saw was in Goldfinger where James Bond almost got cut in half.  At least the steel did.  It’s basically focused light of one wavelength and highly focused.  The principle is very interesting. Lasers come in every wavelength and strength. At a certain wavelength lasers are no longer “hot” or create heat but are cold or called low level.  It seems that these lasers can penetrate into our cells and make changes in the mitochondria or the little Energy factories in our cells. Actually to this day the mode of operation is not that clear. We know the light gets into the cells and creates many positive outcomes. The principle of Zerona is that it uses a laser of 635 nm which does help the fat leak out into the space in between the cells. But results are not good. The fat does tend to reabsorb.  Although Real self claims 50% of the people are happy I have some personal experience with this. I have a $100,000 Illumiwave in my living room. Illumiwave is also 635 nm.  The difference between Illumiwave and Zerona.  Is that Illumiwave has 20 times as many lasers and the power of each laser is 25 mw versus 5 mw for Zerona.  If you don’t diet and exercise you’ll not get any results at all.  There is another wavelength that is FDA approved for hair growth.  And new uses are discovered daily.

While we are on that subject  let me digress for a moment.  How about the HCG diet ? One of my friends brag to me that he lost 30 pounds in two months injecting HCG every day.  However he was also on thousand calorie a day diet.  Do the math.  Even an  inactive man needs around 2500 cal a day just to breathe and stay alive. Calculating a 1500 cal a day deficit.  Weight loss is calculated to occur at a rate of one pound per 3000 calorie deficit.  He was averaging a 3000 calorie deficit every 2 days, so he would’ve lost 15 pounds a month even if he did nothing but the diet.

Our purpose for this blog is to talk about what works how it works and how you can be assured of getting a good treatments.