Stretch Mark Removal Carboxytherapy


Stretch mark removal using Carboxytherapy is accomplished by using carbon dioxide gas to encourage the body to bring in more oxygen and increase circulation.  It’s  the most effective treatment for dark under eye circles and stretch marks.  Carboxytherapy has been in use for many years

stretchmark before and after - Version 2Dr Lisa Zdinak did most of the English language research for the United States.  Carboxytherapy is in wide use in Brazil and other parts of the world. It is also effective for  dark under eye circles.

dark under eye circle treatment

dark under eye circle treatment.

The treatment is safe and effective.  For stretchmarks approximately 12 sessions are necessary depending on the degree and amount of stretchmarks.  It can be a very time consuming procedure when done properly.  Precision Aesthetics was the first provider of Carboxytherapy in New York and has provided it for almost 10 years. I could tell you a little more about the procedure but then I would be giving away our trade secrets. Suffice it to say when we do the treatment its painless for a few reasons besides our 10 years of experience.